Soolie Beetch and the Dying Light – RELEASED

The 2nd edition of “Soolie Beetch and the Dying Light” is now available for purchase on Amazon for print and Kindle. This edition features a forward by the author, new edits, and their true name on the cover.

Book two in “The Dead Souls Trilogy” is set to release later in 2022!

A note from Skelly Harrington:

Hi Friends,

When I changed my name from Gypsie Raleigh, I amputated a wealth of online currency, press, and global traction that my book and art had been fortunate enough to garner. It was an incredibly painful—but necessary—decision. At the time, the name Gypsie was the only name I felt I had ever had friends under. The name Skelly, however, has come to mean even more.

I chose the name ‘Skelly’ for myself. It is Irish and Gaelic for ‘storyteller,’ which is what I both compulsively and intentionally strive to be in all of my passions. It is a gender neutral name that is not associated with any people group to which I do not belong, it is without any religious baggage, and it abbreviates to ‘Skel,’ the name I am known by to my friends.

It is also the name under which I met my wives and became legally and joyously married. It is a name of love and self love, of renewal, and of my future.

And now it is the name under which I proudly release The Dead Souls Trilogy.

I hope that you read “Soolie Beetch and the Dying Light” if you haven’t read it before, and consider rereading it in anticipation of the second book “Soolie Beetch and the Hungry Souls” coming soon! And if you are able to review it to help rebuild some of that currency that has been lost, it would mean the world to this earnest devoted storyteller.

Thank you for reading,


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