The Willful Instruments – A New Dark Trilogy by Skelly Harrington


“Many monsters are made with the souls of dead men, Soolie Beetch. If you wish to stay free of their number, you would be advised to stay alive.”

A strange woman passing through the village of Hob Glen dies a sudden and violent death, leaving something evil behind. Now young Soolie Beetch is cursed with deadly powers she can’t control and a golden-eyed child haunting her dreams. Fighting for her freedom and her life— watched by a family that is terrified of what she has become—a young girl must resort to extraordinary measures to survive.

In search of answers, Soolie embarks on a journey across a darkening world where the dead walk among the living and the living have started going missing. Along the way, she must forge dangerous alliances and discover new depths to her courage, determination, and rage if she is to unwind the dark mystery that shrouds her and answer the ultimate question: 

What is she willing to sacrifice to be free?

Fast-paced, unexpected, and vividly written, The Willful Instruments hooks the reader from page one for a fast-paced, bloody, poignant ride from page one to its thrilling, satisfying conclusion.